In collaboration with local organizations, we are hosting a number of summer camps this year.  Sign-ups are handled by the programming organizations, so get in touch with WonderArts or Ballet Wolcott (depending on which camp you’re interested in) before they’re filled up!


WonderArts Offerings

Creative Dance Intensive
Ages 9-14, July 9-July 13 
We’ll draw inspiration from dance, storytelling, folklore and our environment to create our own Rite of Spring performance. Spend the day dancing, improvising, script writing, singing, costume making and more! Led by Maura Gahan. (Sign up with WonderArts)

Children’s Theater Camp Intensive
Ages 8-14, July 30-August 3
Calling actors, non-actors, dancers, singers, musicians, writers, and behind the scenes folk for a week of drama games and a final performance of “How to Eat Like A Child”! There are big and small parts for everyone. Learn stage makeup, improvisation, stage managing and more! Led by Rhonda Freed. (Sign up with WonderArts)


Ballet Wolcott Offerings

Magical Fairytale Summer Camp
Ages 4-6, June 25-June 29
Get out your magic wands and special crowns kids! Be prepared for a week of ballet basics, free dance movement, and costume and set designing, as dancers create a fairy tale and bring it to life. Last day with special 10:15-11:00 AM performance of the dancers’ creations. (Sign up with Ballet Wolcott)

Dancing Around the World Camp
Ages 7-10, July 16-July 20
Join us to learn about Ballet, Jazz, and other dances and music from around the world! The week ends with a student showing from 2:00-3:00 PM on Friday, July 20. (Sign up with Ballet Wolcott)

August Dance Intensive
Ages 11 and up, or with teacher recommendation. August 6-August 10
Immerse yourself in ballet, contemporary and other forms of dance, learning from prestigious teachers: Jennifer Wiley, Robert Royce, Jesse Tidquist, and others. The week ends with a showing on Friday, August 10 at 5:30 PM. (Sign up with Ballet Wolcott)

Dance Teachers’ Workshop with Jennifer Wiley
Adults and Mature Teens, August 6-August 9
A great workshop for ballet teachers, dance assistants, and those who one day hope to teach ballet. (Sign up with Ballet Wolcott)