Robert Mallory Klein: The Character of the Kingdom


November 1- December 22, 2019
Opening reception: Friday, November 1 at 5:00 PM

Celebrate Robert Mallory Klein’s art at an opening reception on Friday, November 1, at 5 PM. Robert Klein’s daughter and son, Christine Willard and Kurt Klein, will share memories of their dad.

Tom Slayton, journalist and Vermont Life editor for 22 years, will speak about Vermont Icons & Images: Robert Mallory Klein’s paintings in the context of Vermont’s changing landscape.

In 1991 Robert Mallory Klein, a world-traveled, retired diplomat living in Elmore, decided to paint the villages and hamlets of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom – over 100 in all. He spent many consecutive summers painting several views of each. His broad strokes of bold color, afforded by summer light and reminiscent of Hopper, portray routine places that one might otherwise take for granted. Klein painted ordinary scenes – the farmhouse, the local breakfast counter, patched roofs and leaning porches – and captured the lives of the people who lived there, however modest and humble. What remains are the enduring images of the towns and villages he loved. In a sense he documented a history of the Northeast Kingdom; many of the places have changed with the times; many remain the same, and some no longer exist.

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