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Donations: The HeART of It All

Your donation to the Highland Center for the Arts helps develop and create a year-round, welcoming venue for assembly, artistic expression, entertainment, education, and refreshment. 

Dance, music, theater, circus arts, cinema, workshops, artist residences and lectures: when you support us, you support a dynamic, balanced, year-round schedule of locally and nationally sourced performances, exhibitions and events. 

Together, we are catalysts for extraordinary connections. Your contribution allows HCA to foster communication, understanding, cultural vitality, creative appreciation and expression in residents and artists of all ages of the Northeast Kingdom and Central Vermont. We are committed to collaborating with other arts organizations and with local schools. HCA’s campus is designed to provide exceptional opportunities to create, exhibit, view, experience, perform, learn and talk about art through programs, workshops, festivals, classes and multi-disciplinary events. 

Your donation also demonstrates support for a foundational piece of our mission: to make the arts fit within the budgets of all people in the Northeast Kingdom and beyond. Your support allows Highland Center for the Arts to offer $10 tickets to students; seniors receive 20% off all regular priced seats; and EBT cardholders receive $5 tickets. 

Donations are available as one-time gifts, recurring contributions, or as part of planned legacy giving.  You may also donate to Highland Center for the Arts by adding a tax-deductible contribution to your ticket purchase.

The Highland Center for the Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible and directly advance the love of arts in our community. When you give, we give you a standing ovation. Thank you for joining us to make an impact on the Northeast Kingdom and beyond! 

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