Elizabeth Nelson

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Fjord 2
Fjord #2
March Thaw 36x50 1
March Thaw

My paintings are always about the landscape, but they take many forms. I have lived on my farm in West Glover for many years. Besides the beauty on Northern Vermont, I have been drawn to and painted the stark scenery of Iceland and the rough mountains of the Norwegian fjords. More of my paintings can be seen on www.elizabeth-nelson.com


  1. Wow, I love how this feels so grounded, but also etherial all at once!

  2. Makes me wish I’d be sitting by a nice warm fire, watching this from the window!

  3. I love this piece. It prompted me to look into your work and found the Iceland pieces resonated with me. A few even brought memories of my trip. To me, there is something very organic about this series which I find comforting.

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