Jerry Rayla

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I’m a Craftsbury artist who does figurative work and “Artwork of Unity” portraits. I’m lucky to still have my day job in the epidemic. Somehow the change in focus has been a good time for me to create art. In these drawings, the paper is the lighter color, and the darker color is pastel, applied with a pastel stick and my finger. (All very low-tech.)


  1. The portrait of Czeslawa Bernard is so powerful and striking. I appreciate the inclusion of the descriptions that ground this very important and meaningful work.

    1. Thank you, Jaben. Sometimes I get it something like right! Most times I fail.

  2. So important to remember the atrocities man visited upon man, and putting a face to it makes it so much more real. Very striking!

    1. What got me started on these “Artwork of Unity” pictures is that it’s still going on, against one group or another, and in fact has never stopped since these days. You’re right, it seems we have to remember in order to move forward. As I try to move forward, I keep tripping over new ones. Children in cages on our border come to mind.

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