Nancy Swain Riege

untitled, 2021

Art has been a major avenue of expression for me starting in my youth in Connecticut. From early on, whenever I was able to get my hands and body creating something, my whole being came alive.

When my life-long struggle with depression was diagnosed in adulthood, the combination of therapy, medication and looking within triggered an inner shift, and I began truly seeing colors for the first time. And that, in turn, led me to play with colors in a more focused  and expanded way, in the form of both painting and making pottery. In my early 20s I studied ceramics at Alfred University and The Kansas City Arts Institute, and later graduated from Lesley College, having taken graduate classes in art and expressive therapy. My watercolors and ceramics have been included in group shows and have been purchased for private collections here and abroad. And in recent years I have been moved to create labyrinths at various locations in Vermont–both by snowshoeing and mowing them.

My pieces are mostly untitled, inviting you to connect with them in your own individual way. Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries or comments.
[email protected]