Roy MacNeil

About the Artist

Roy MacNeil is a musician from Greensboro, Vermont. He has a degree in classical violin performance, and is an award winning composer, with his 2013 String Quartet Conspiracy. After his life was upended with a 2014 Cancer diagnosis, his focus returned an earlier passion within the field of music: recording and engineering – embarking on a quest to fulfill his lifelong dream of recording his own music, and that of others at a professional level. The technical mastery of sound design and production he’s achieved over these last years are on full display with this latest project at HCA, as he shapes and molds the sounds of sculpture into immersive soundscapes and stirring beats; artfully blended with the acoustic whispers of violin & guitar.

A Song of Sculpture is the name of Roy MacNeil’s forthcoming album, which captures the spirit of HCA’s Open Air Gallery through music. With the permission of the sculptors, he draws inspiration from exploring the sonic possibilities of their works – discovering the unique tonal characteristics of each sculpture, and taking those sounds back to his studio to develop into full pieces. He will be steadily sharing the results of this project on YouTube and SoundCloud throughout the following weeks, culminating in a final album release thereafter.

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Music Videos and Virtual Tour

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