Thomas Douglas

Thomas Douglas Aloft
Aloft, 2017
Stainless steel 316,
8 ft. 11 in. x 6 ft. 8 in x 3 ft. 1 in.

Artist Statement

What I am attempting to achieve by my sculpture is to tap into the viewer’s subconscious. Almost all of my sculptures relate to the human form through either realism or abstraction. I relate to the human form by removing it altogether from my piece, leaving only the external. This gives the viewer the freedom to imagine the rest of the human form themselves. Thus my personal vision never controls the interpretation of the piece, as the viewer is left to create the majority of the image in his or her own imagination. 

About the Artist

Thomas Douglas is a native of Vermont and lives in Jericho with his wife and three daughters. Since graduating from the University of Vermont with a BA in Studio Art in 2009, Tom has worked as a gallery assistant at the West Branch Gallery in Stowe, Vermont. Prior to that, he worked for the scene shop in the Theater Department at the University of Vermont assisting in set construction for a number of plays, including the University’s productions of Rumors, Hair, and Cabaret.

It was there that Tom became excited about the recreation of everyday objects into three dimensional works of art. “I enjoy art and what I do,” he says, “Creating something new out of the familiar is very exciting for me.”
In 2005, Tom submitted a piece titled Strict and Easy Going to the Helen Day Art Center’s outdoor show EXPOSED, in Stowe, Vermont. The larger than life piece was of a pair of red high heeled shoes. “I just thought the community needed to see the pleasing and impressive qualities found in footwear. Making the shoes several times larger than real life allowed the public the chance to see this beauty, even at a great distance.” The piece now resides outside of the Well Heeled shoe shop on Mountain Road in Stowe.