Ann Young

8 ft – 3 ft
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Artist’s Statement

Ann Young has lived and worked in the Northeast Kingdom most of her life. She was born and raised in the Midwest but came east to attend Rhode Island School of Design, graduating with a degree in ceramics. She has always been an artist working in various mediums. Decades of ceramic sculpture were followed by years of wood carving. The totem like wood figures now at HCA were inspired by a small group of carvings from eastern Siberia that are housed in the Museum of Natural History in NYC. They have been shown in various indoor and outdoor installations, sometimes in combination with Young’s porcelain sculpture.

Young continues to explore art in many ways and is currently spending most of her energy on painting. All of the stages of a long and varied career contribute to life long commitment to art.

“I have never thought of myself and an artist, but after all these years of making art, I must be one.”

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Ann Young