Ashes Monroe

IT’LL DO, 2023

Artist Biography

Ashes Monroe was raised in the region of central California known for being the backdrop to the novel “Grapes of Wrath” and it brought her closer to concepts of struggle and escape. After finishing college with a focus in Psychology and Art she found footing in the underground art scene in San Francisco before leaving to start life all over in Paris.

With having over 2 decades of photography work taken throughout parts of Europe, the United States and South America, she is mostly noted for her work in world creation for her theatrical circus shows and immersive installations.

Now living in Greensboro Bend in Vermont with a burgeoning mushroom farm she creates evocative installations in the forest with natural elements. With themes of transformation, psychological fantasy, self-realization, and existential questioning, her work continues as a cathartic library of open-ended stories.


Ashes Monroe Itll Do