Blaze Konefal

Mixed media, golf balls, steel wire

Whimsical. An intriguing word. You smile when you say or think it. Blaze Konefal takes everyday objects and creates whimsey. What do you do with used golf balls? Blaze created Dandelion Seeds, looking like an explosion of white dots ready to float away into space with a gentle puff (as if golf balls could fly).

Blaze Konefal Dandelion Seed small
Blaze Konefal Mirror Mirror

Stainless steel and steel pipe

It is entrancing to watch the movement of the invisible wind as it moves the small mirrors, creating wave patterns and fractal images.

Mixed media, steel, wood

This is a variation of the Dandelion and using colored golf balls to create a flowering garden all through winter snows. A bright flash of color!

Blaze Konefal Flower Bed

Artist Statement

Blaze is currently busy in retirement making dynamic art, creating disc golf courses, tongue drumming, and running a Pilates studio. After 24 tense years in IT, he searches out whimsey and wonder. He currently shows most of his work at Sculpturefest in Woodstock, Vt. He has shown in Concord, Meredith, Franconia and New Field NH. He was at the Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at Pingree School in Ma. this Fall.

[email protected]