Meri Stiles

My art is a visual diary – it is a process of developing a language of images and symbols that represent my experience of being part of the world. I live in St. Johnsbury and travel to Buffalo frequently to teach clinical social work.

David Smith

While in the Florida Keys last month, I looked up one morning from the driveway at a mundane scene and was blown away.  I had to paint it immediately. There are compelling images all around us, all the time.

Harry and Wendy Besett

Each piece is handblown, embellished with glass colorants and encased and made in our studio in Hardwick. We are just beginning work on the next series which will include some vessels for some lamp bases.

Marie LaPrè Gabon

My name is Marie and I live in Hardwick, VT. This is from a series I am currently working on that includes “finding one’s inner calm” and meditation. The medium is collage.

Jennifer Bayles

I am learning to draw, but still a beginner after taking a drawing class at the Bonita Springs Art Center (Florida) in late January and early February this year.  I spent Friday (3/27/2020) sketching an African Violet. This is the result. I have been a seasonal resident of Greensboro for more than fifty (50) years. Now that we are retired, …

Renee Rossi

I live in Greensboro/Craftsbury area most of the year and love watercolor and mixed media.

Linda Di Sante

I have no art degree, but one in geography from the University of Hawaii instead provided life experiences ranging from rare native plant mapping in the Hawaiian islands, assisting with orangutan research in Borneo, office administration in Kathmandu and work with endangered bird propagation in Volcano, Hawaii.  These experiences and more provided enough artistic inspiration to last a lifetime. I …