Dana Schildkraut

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Dana Schildkraut is an artist and educator who resides in Bennington, Vermont. Dana studied Studio Art and earned a BFA from Manhattanville College. She also lived and studied in Seville, Spain.  Later Dana earned a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, also from Manhattanville College. Dana’s artwork has been exhibited across the USA in adjudicated shows, including at the Annmarie Sculpture Garden, the Blue Door Art Center, the New Bedford Art Museum, and the CANO Gallery.  Noteworthy commissions include the design and creation of masks and giant puppets for the unique dance company, iLuminate, and the creation of a series of stage masks for the Newton Theatre Company. She has also had meaningful collaborations with Arm-of-the-Sea Mask & Puppet Theater.  Feature articles about Dana’s sculptures have been published in Art Doll Quarterly (2013) and Paper Art Magazine (2014).  Dana currently works to promote STEAM education and arts integration at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Please check out more of my work on Instagram and on my website.


  1. Wow, how unique. I absolutely adore what you have done here. I’d be very interested to see the masks you’ve created!

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