Dianne Laplante

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I’m a founding member or Memphremagog Arts Collaborative in Newport. I normally work all the time as a Realtor and live a single existence on my homestead in the hills of Westfield, just a few miles south of the Canada border. Because I work on a commission basis only, my homestead has never been finished with no space for a studio. I did finally after many years finish up my BA degree in Art and Prof. Studies at Johnson State now Northern University.

I’m very much into nature, gardening, woodland, birds, animals, cooking, and all that stuff. The soil is very poor (mostly gravel and sand) with lots of trees sprouting up everywhere faster than I can keep a bit of open space for things to grow. I like the challenge of seeing what can tolerate extreme cold temperatures and poor soil. So mostly that is daylilies which last one day after opening. So many mornings before the sun gets high I will go out and take pictures of all these gems of nature.

Since I have no studio space and live in a construction camp-style environment I do write down poetry type things. I will include a couple along with a couple of daylily pictures that perhaps you will find good enough for your online art challenge.


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