Joyce Kahn

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I’ve been working on a series I call “Daily Heroes, ” which I began during long visits to my sister in the ICU at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore from mid-February to mid-March. I had with me a 4”x 6” watercolor journal and watercolor travel set that fit easily in my purse and provided me with a meaningful diversion. 

During my visits, I was struck by the caring, compassion, professionalism, and skills of the nurses and aides attending to my sister and took photos of them to paint from.  I was there at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, and experienced the progression of safety measures imposed by the hospital until no visitors were allowed at all. 

Back in VT and following the news on social media, I found many people I considered heroes. I searched for photos that I could translate into small watercolors, and to date I have done 18. Each one has a story which inspired me to paint them. 


  1. These works are timely, haunting and different than anything else I have seen representing the times we are living in. Thank you for sharing and I bet the stories that go along with them are equally significant.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this important work. The intensity, the drain, the fear and the hope is so powerful.

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