Trouble on the Farm, 2021
wood, wool pelts, paint

Stone Flakes, 2021
stones, paint

Isabella (Isa) Oehry

Oehry was born and raised in the Principality of Liechtenstein, a small country sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland. Her strong interests in the mystery of the human mind and man’s untapped potential prompted her to pursue an advanced degree in psychology with a specialization in clinical mental health.

Isa now works as an artist, writer, host and steward of the land at her farm in Greensboro, Vermont. She harbors a deep love and respect for the beauty of nature. She enjoys rescuing old barn windows from their destined destruction at the dump and upcycling them into humorous folk art. Isa also loves to juggle various chainsaws to produce wood carvings that bring smiles to her visitors.

Isa is the author of Healing Lyme beyond Antibiotics, a chronicle of her successful recovery from Lyme disease by natural means, as well as Under A Blue Moon, a humorous and insightful journey into a world of mystery and the hidden powers of the mind.

For more information you can visit her website at

Sheep was supported by the HCA Scene Shop (Maya McCoy, Keisha Luce, Robert Fairbank) with wood donated by Thornhill Farm of Greensboro, wool pelts from Maria Schumann, and roofing materials from MacNeil.