Paula and Andrew Hepburn

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Rock Water Forms

Watercolors and Collages by Paula Hepburn

Photographs by Andrew Hepburn

Paula Hepburn is a watercolor, collage and mixed media artist.  She received her B.A. degree with a major in Theatre from Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont.  She pursued her love of painting independently, attended workshops and art classes across the country.  Her most influential instructor was Paul Wieghardt, a professor at the Art Institute of Chicago with whom she studied for almost 2 years.  His encouragement to trust one’s own creative impulses continues to influence the choices she makes in her paintings.

Before moving to Danville, Vermont in 2009, Hepburn and her family lived in Salisbury, Maryland for 30 years.  The  Art Institute and Gallery (AI&G) in Salisbury MD invited her
to become an inaugural member of the Artists’ Co-op – an independent group of 12 professional artists whose members exhibited regionally as well as nationally.  

“I have been painting for over 30 years.  Watercolor is my preferred medium. It has a wild and explosive quality that excites me and challenges me to go in new and interesting directions.  I love the changing paths it often takes when it makes contact with the paper.  I often work from photographs taken by my husband. I focus on patterns and designs that are formed in water and rocks.  Most of my work is abstract impressions of the texture, shape and movement of water and rock. I also paint more representational landscapes that come from quiet moments of meditation.”
Paula Hepburn

Andrew Hepburn has traveled to coastal sites, ponds and streams throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine for years – photographing rocks and water.  His photographs are realistic and representational and yet they border on the abstract, rendering them strange – allo ti – something else.  A former Goddard theater, scene design, and photography student; and a retired professor of theater, Hepburn lives with his wife Paula, also an artist, in Danville Vermont.

“As a teenager, I was trained on a Pentax camera using Tri X film. I loved canoeing past giant granite boulders on Mountainy Pond near Bangor, Maine. I loved the grainy, rough texture of the rocks.  Now, at age 79, I have returned, with a Canon Rebel T5 in hand, to rocks and water… discovering forms that are transforming – fraught with conflict, yet with harmony.  I photograph line, texture, form and color that, although still, yet somehow move. It’s a creative process… at once artistic and spiritual.”
Andrew Hepburn

“The force that drives the water through the rocks, drives my red blood.”
Dylan Thomas


  1. I’m always blown away by Paula’s watercolors; they’re so beautiful. Andy’s photographs are unbelievable– rarely does a photo invite interpretation; his always do!

  2. Hi Paula and Andy,

    So glad to see that you guys are doing well. Sure miss your friendship.

    Dene and Denny

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