1. I love these. They feel so familiar, so Vermont. The dock is my favorite, makes me long for summer at the lake!

  2. I love the painting with the open book next to the chair with the colorful bookshelf and view of the traditional Vermont farmhouse outside the window. I want to be siting in that chair!

    1. Those poor, frozen peepers!! Thank you, Felicity! That card is from my Hand Silkscreened Series, all of which are reproductions of prints I originally did on T Shirts. In addition to viewing the Silkscreen Series of Notecards on my website, you can also find the hand Silkscreened T shirts which are currently in productions!

  3. Hello Phyllis, I am the former owner of the Inn at Weston. many years ago, you did some paintings of my Inn and some note cards. I wondered if I could purchase some of those note cards. Hope you are well.

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