Roy MacNeil – A Mind Place

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The human mind and the mystery of consciousness is the most powerful tool we have. While it can be a locus for our deepest suffering: an endless, seemingly unstoppable river of thought, often bringing anger, fear and anxiety; it can also offer an escape from those very things. In times of darkness, wherever we might be, whatever we may be going through, our minds offer a window to another reality.

In my own times of personal struggle, perhaps going through a difficult procedure at the hospital, turning my thoughts to a place in nature has often been my salvation. It often can feel as if I’m really transported for moments, and I will fade in an out between the pain of the present and a heaven in the mind.

There is so much fear and anxiety in the world right now, it is important to also give ourselves calming, beautiful things to think of. So it is my pleasure to bring you “A Mind Place.” -Roy

Vocal Performance by Mavis MacNeil – recorded in New York City, June 2018.

Choreography by Mariana Considine – filmed at Highland Center for the Arts, March 21st 2020, by Robin Grant

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