Sarrah Samsara

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I just moved to the West Glover with my husband in September. We spent the last decade in Philly, working 100 days a week, making no money, having no space, while slowly collecting piles of craft material we knew we could one day use…. 8 months later — we have a home in the woods, finally sizable enough to create LITERALLY EVERYTHING. 3D modeling, crochet, photography, canning, cooking, baking, writing music, tattooing, drawing, sound engineering, building, gardening (the list goes on…)

This is a small bit of the things I’ve been working on with all this newfound free time: A few kitty face masks made for a friend’s kids, one of the weird stuffed animals I crocheted, one of my favorite drawings, and a picture I took of Andersonville Rd. I wish I had pictures of so much more haha I guess I’ll work on that.

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