Shapleigh Smith

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Spring is coming to Northern Vermont  (and Stowe, where I live) as Winter closes in 2020. There are stormy afternoons but clearing will happen. I try to get out every day to walk the paths and trails we are so fortunate to have – to photograph the ever changing light as the seasons change. I have always felt that black and white images are so important in creating the desired mood I want to express. 


  1. Black and white photosm are always my favorites. I love the haunting sky here so much. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    1. I do Carolyn. I was Cleve Patterson’s partner in Patterson and Smith Construction until I retired last year. I always greatly admired your work throughout the years. Best to you.

  2. Always enjoy seeing your work Shap and appreciate this format offered by HCA.

    1. Thank you Chess. HCA has been such a great addition to Greensboro and Northern Vermont in ge4neral.

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