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Kane Grace Descends etc 78in x 51in acrylic on silk mounted to canvas 2020

I’ve now finished a large acrylic painting entitled “Grace Descends on the Fire and Brimstone of the Tree Pandemic”, 78” x 51”, acrylic on silk mounted to canvas_5.2020. This one is big, mean and chaotic– full of fireballs, destroyed nature, meteor viruses, boulders and hope-(grace), all happening inside and around the outline of infected trees. 

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I’m a painter living and working in Peacham. Lately I’ve been making large abstracted gnarly tree paintings as stand ins for my aging self, and another recent series of acrylic paintings entitled “A Year of Forgetting” which are monthly data recordings of my daily lapses of memory, using my own visual symbolic language. I’m also including one small painting entitled “Pastel Pandemic”, a Covid-inspired fantasy under the microscope.


  1. I don’t know which I like better; your paintings or your descriptions of them! Very whimsical!

  2. I really love all of these, the colors and the movement really draw the viewer in. Thank you for sharing!

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