Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter the contest with a video made prior to the pandemic?
Yes! We know it has been difficult for ensembles to create during the pandemic. Keep in mind, your submission should be reflective of your current work. 

Can I enter the contest with more than one band?
Yes! You may submit as a solo artist and also a member of a band. You can also be a member of two or more distinct bands. 

Can my video be a montage or do I have to submit a video of my performance?
You have full creative direction over the video, but keep in mind judging will be based on the music and not the visual presentation. 

Can I sample or rewrite songs by other musicians?
Your submission will be ineligible if it contains material that could violate intellectual property rights or that could be considered copyright infringement.

Can I submit more than one song as long as it fits within the 6 minute limit?
No, please limit your entry to one song. 

I need help with the entry form.
No problem, we are here to help! If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

When will my video be posted online?
All videos will be posted on the HCA website on June 8th, 2020! 

How do I get my fans to vote?
Starting on June 8th, the videos will be open for voting. Send your fans to the Battle of the Bandwidth page on the HCA website. Look for the heart in the lower left corner of your post. Get your fans to love you!

How does the judging work?
The HCA staff, public voting, and a panel of judges will determine the finalists and subsequent winners.


  1. Friends are telling me they can’t “like” my video because the heart is red. Any suggestions?

    1. Author

      If the heart is red it is because they have already liked the video! 🙂

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