Jason Clarke

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  • dragonV1 jasonJClarke 2018
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I am an artist new to Vermont working out of Hardwick.

I have a background in illustration and design which translate into my work in the form of ink on paper illustrations, digital collage and digital painting. In many of my works more than one of these are employed in the creation of the artwork.

My work focuses on themes relating to the interaction between the natural world and the increasingly illusory and ambiguous forms of the world manufactured by humankind, society, and technology. My own observations being generally pessimistic about the relationship between these overlapping and competing worlds leads to the creation of artworks that convey rather than listen, inevitably leading into soulful, haunting and sometimes violent imagery.

I believe that art is more than decoration and should be revealing of things that we all know but do not acknowledge. I believe art should achieve this without pretension, ambiguity, or falseness. I strongly encourage people to buy art, not decoration, to display in their homes and places of work, and to this end I create artwork that I hope is accessible and obtainable by everyday folks.


  1. Thank you so much. These pieces envoke different emotions for me. Fun, laughter, fear……I really appreciate your work

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