Elektra Zolnoski

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  • Elektra Zolnoski VoluteUndulation
  • Elektra Zolnoski SupernalTempest 643x1024 1
  • Elektra Zolnoski ChromesthesiaEcho 651x1024 1
  • Elektra Zolnoski BarbedThreshold 723x1024 1
  • Elektra Zolnoski AnfractuousVision 722x1024 1

Elektra Zolnoski is a Northeast Kingdom based printmaker and body-print artist. Her work is influenced by the 20th Century abstract movement with a central focus in monoprints that incorporate both aquatint etching and hand-engraving techniques. She often discards the literal boundaries of traditional printmaking by incorporating found materials such as cheesecloth, plastic and metallic mesh outside the margins of her plates. Her contention is that printmaking should not be dictated by past definitions and should continue to challenge conventional forms. 

In 2013, she graduated from The School of Visual Arts in NYC with a BFA in Film and Video. She later continued her studies at The New School for Public Engagement for three more semesters, between January of 2015 and May of 2016. Printmaking electives and independent studies later transformed into a fulltime passion. During her 7 years in Manhattan, she fell in love with abstract expressionism especially the works of pioneering female artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, Lee Krasner, and Joan Mitchell. 

Her work is about articulating emotions through a forceful use of hues, textures and movement. Each piece is monoprint and therefore cannot be replicated. She does not believe in the practice of multiple or duplicate prints. The intention being that each is a representation of one uninhibited moment never to be repeated. Color is a form of language to her, evoking an entire spectrum of voices from the most elated to the most melancholic.

Instagram: @enzprints


  1. Wonderful rich textures and colors. There is so much motion and visual intricacy. They are real feasts for the viewers eyes.

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