Larry Gluckman

Traditionally a Dream Catcher acts as a shield against negative dreams.  (Wikipedia 9/2018).  But we have had enough bad dreams for a life time.  I shared my Dream Catcher, residual wood from a table project, with nature.  Hopeful of a restorative springs.  

Pete Wintersteen

I am a photographer based in the Kingdom. These images are part of a series in progress that interprets the feelings we are all experiencing regarding barriers, separations, setbacks, uncertainty. The second set serves as a counterpoint to the first: Through times of uncertainty, a clear path will eventually emerge.

Elise Andréa

Depicting high realism with watercolor for nearly forty years, Elise Andréa has recently completed a fifth large NYC streetscene, “Night Draws Nigh” at her studio in Cambridge, Vermont. She took the photo reference in March, 2019, just one year before the virus lockdown began. Elise was raised on a mountain in Central Vermont and has lived on Craftsbury Common. She …

Ellen Keene

I am a Marshfield artist who does figurative sculpture.  I am so grateful to have this time to dive deeper into my own creativity and spiritual life.  This 8×11” acrylic painting is from one of the conversations I have been having with The Divine Feminine. 

Lane Dunn

I live in Burlington. This is the first painting I did as the reality of the pandemic hit home!!

Lesley Butman

Lesley Butman uses watercolor as her primary medium to explore the landscapes of her native New England. Her work ranges from representational images of iconic barns, stonewalls and mountainscapes to abstract landscapes capturing the essence and emotional resonance of place. She is most noted for portraits of wildlife that are imbued with a palpable character and soul. Butman archives this by employing various techniques …

Sally Smith

‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ is a collection of drawings from the winter of 2019-2020, put together to tell the story of the Whammy Bar in Maple Corners, or perhaps the pandemic.The music Tambourine Man is playing is ’The Times They Are A-Changing’, which happened while these drawings were created. There are words and music on the scraps of paper so you …

Nancy Felicity Haselton

 I started drawing with my non-dominant hand in February. I use water-and alcohol-based markers, watercolors, and acrylic paint. I find inspiration in dance, yoga, and the outdoors. The lady on the hill = “The Fool on the Hill,” a self portrait 🙂 Check me out on Facebook.